Hi! I'm Brianna, an Art Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist.

I’ve felt the power of creating things with my hands ever since I was a kid with a fistful of scented markers and a big imagination. As an adult, I love to express myself by playing with my hair colour, drawing comics on post-it notes, and painting for joy with watercolours.

One of my favourite parts of being a therapist is hearing the stories that people bring in with them. Often, when someone reaches out for therapy, it's because a huge plot twist has derailed them - maybe the loss of a loved one, a new diagnosis, or a traumatic experience. I love helping people find the parts of their story that they can take back for themselves when the plot feels like it's thickening beyond their control.

My most recent plot twist came in the form of a health challenge, and it has brought so many unexpected things with it: pain, beauty, disappointment, and joy - sometimes all in the same day.

I've learned a lot of new ways to process and manage the difficult emotions and physical symptoms that come with my health challenge, but my favourite is one I've been doing since I was a kid: making meaning of my experiences through art.

And it's something I can help you do, too.


It's within the art process that you'll find a sense of openness. Art making allows more room for insight and intuition. It increases our capacity for spontaneity. It shuts down the parts of the brain where the "inner critic" resides.

My approach is warm, gentle and humourous. My job is to move with you through everything that might come up in a session, whether or not it seems related to what brought you into therapy.

Together, we'll explore the meaning in your stories through the process of art making. I'll share tools for telling and changing your story, and navigating the plot twists that come up for you. I'll help you step fully into your greatness and own your evolving and epic story.


  • Registered Psychotherapist, College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, RP #006383
  • Professional Art Therapist, Canadian Art Therapy Association
  • DTATI, Toronto Art Therapy Institute

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