"Children have very deep feelings just the way parents do, just the way everybody does; and our striving to understand those feelings and to better respond to them is what I feel is the most important task in our world."

-Mr. Rogers


In their earliest years, kids experience their world through images and feelings. Art and play are the languages used as children grow and begin to understand and interpret their environment; they are natural ways for kids to communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

The art therapy studio is a safe space where kids can express their inner world through play, art and storytelling. Each child can decide on what materials they’d like to use, what they want to create, and what they want to talk about. The focus of art therapy is on the process of the child's art-making, rather than on the finished product, so kids don't need to have any special skills or experience in art. Art therapy can be especially helpful for kids who have difficulty expressing themselves or talking about problems using words.

Art therapy can help kids:

  • visually express and record their experiences, thoughts, feelings and imagination
  • convey emotions, perceptions and sensations that are difficult to express with words
  • calm the body and mind
  • create meaning through storytelling
  • enhance communication skills
  • cope with physical health challenges
  • build interpersonal skills
  • discover their strengths
  • develop positive coping skills to manage anxiety and other difficult emotions



My approach is warm and gentle, and grounded in mindfulness and play. I meet each child where they are with curiosity and compassion.


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